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HUMANSCAPE  (in progress)

The eleven panels that comprise HUMANSCAPE will each feature a large portrait of an individual with whom I encountered by chance. Our conversations were brief, but each person agreed to being recorded for about 30 seconds. In a gallery setting, these audio files will be accessible by scanning a QR code.


This project examines the tension between the city and the people who must endure its challenging environment, especially those individuals most underrepresented in society.

All panels measure 50×50 inches.
Media: oil and ink pens on Stonehenge paper
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31) HUMANSCAPE (process)
Scholars and critics encourage museum and gallery visits to see original artwork firsthand, the way it was intended to be experienced. My work is no exception. Although the man’s face (above) appears to be that of a continuous tone image, the closeup of his eye reveals a composition composed entirely of small, black markings that were made with oil and ink pens of various fineness. These markings, when optically blended from a short distance away, create the illusion of a large black-and-white photograph.



New York City, 2015-


Dark Period, 2014-2015


As the Worlds Turn, 2010


Influence of Korea, 2000-


The Early Years, 1993-1999

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