Artist’s Statement

For the past three decades, Richard Masters has depicted the cityscape in stunning, monochromatic detail. The starting point of the artist’s work is direct observation: he will return to a particular place a dozen times or more to study the area from different perspectives and under a variety of lighting conditions before the camera is ever employed. It is never his objective to recreate a given scene. Rather, his onsite studies and photographic research coalesce to form the foundation of an imaginary space, a make-believe world that persuades the viewer of its own individual reality.

In his current work, the artist explores the tension between the city and the people who must endure its challenging environment, particularly those individuals most underrepresented in society.

2010 As the Worlds Turn #10
As the Worlds Turn #10. 2011. Richard Masters. White pencil on black board, 19″ x 14″

Copyright © 2011 Richard Masters

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